7th Annual Public Governance in Transformation Conference:

In recent decades, public governance has undergone changes due to the development of information technologies, the crisis in the public financial sector, demographic processes (population migration, aging of the population), changes in cultural norms and values of society, the emergence of new forms of social participation.
Collaborative governance encompasses various institutional forms and practices of governing: partnerships between public, private and civil society sectors, mechanisms of common management of resources, structures of intergovernmental collaboration, including institutions of different government levels (central, regional, local) and branches (legislative, executive, judicial), mechanisms of citizens’ and service users’ engagement into planning, decision making, service design, delivery, and assessment.
The goal of the conference – to discuss factors contributing to effective collaborative governance, and to create a space where scientists and practitioners from Lithuania and other countries could share practices, issues, and lessons of collaborative governance.

The conference is organized by the Competency Network of Public Governance, a co-operation format between public administration researchers and policy-makers aimed at advancing evidenc-based policy and best practice sharing in the Lithuanian public sector. Initiated between the Ministry of Interior and Mykolas Romeris University it now includes multiple institutional member, both academic, and government.
Main partners of the 7th conference are: The Parlament of the Republic of Lithuania, Ministry of Interior, Mykolas Romeris University and General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania.

The date and place
The 18th of March in 2020, at Mykolas Romeris university laboratories (MRU LAB), Didlaukio str. No. 55, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Participation and further information
If you are interested in participating or would like to receive further details, please contact the organizing committee via: Svajūnė Ungurytė-Ragauskienė, e-mail: svajuneur@mruni.eu.