Public governance model is constantly transforming in a various of European countries. The problem of the convergence of centralized governance elements, citizen participation and the transparency of public sector organizations’ solutions is emerged as well. The issues of management’s centralization, social changes, transparency of public sector activities (including public sports organizations) and community search for decision making in public governance are becoming actual as never before. During this conference, it is planned to assess the impact of social changes on public administration reforms. Also to evaluate the attempts of public authorities to implement these changes on a centralized basis, to the extent that these changes contribute to ethical (transparent) decisions, the role of local communities in this process. Answering the questions raised at the conference, it is necessary to indicate how effective and relevant a model of public governance could be. It would include trends in centralization of management, linked to the necessity of social changes, decisions of public sector organizations based on ethical (transparent) and local communities’ influence. During the conference, guidelines for further research should be drawn up and the elements of emerging meta-public governance should be identified – the combination of difficultly compatible centralization and the implementation of social changes „top to bottom“, slide decisions and the participation of local communities in the decision-making process of public authorities.

The aim of the conference is to analyze and evaluate changes in public governance in the context of scientific concepts from the point of view of social impact. In order to achieve the goal, the content of the conference is divided into the following thematic topics:

Section A – Civil Service Ethics. Topics include the concept of official ethics, regulation, supervision and other issues and the relation with the public interest.
Section B – Self-government and Community. It is planned to discuss paradigmatic issues of social capital and civil society.
Section C – Co-production, Co-creation and Collective Entrepreneurship. Public administration measures will be considered, which not only ensure the provision of public services, but also contribute to the development of business ecosystems.
Section D – Formation and Implementation of Sports Policy. Topics include the management of the sport sector and the social role of sport, the economic dimension of sport and the organization of sport.
Section E – Theoretical Methodological Aspects of Public Administration and Project Management Development: Analysis of Ukrainian Experience. Theoretical and applied aspects of public administration development in Ukraine will be discussed.

Conference time: 13 March 2019
Venue of the conference: Vilnius, Mykolas Romeris University

Registration https://bit.ly/2Fy8s75

Coordinator – prof. dr. Jolanta Urbanovič, e-mail: jolanta@mruni.eu

Coordinator – assoc. prof. dr. Andrius Stasiukynas, e-mail stasiukynas@mruni.eu